Derek Michael Wright
Research Scientist

Lentil GWAS Phenology

Derek M Wright, Sandesh Neupane, Jakob Butler, Raul Martinez, Jim Weller, Kirstin E Bett (2020) Focusing the GWAS Lens on days to flower using latent variable phenotypes derived from global multi-environment trials

Lentil Phenology

Wright *et al*. (**2020**) Understanding photothermal interactions can help expand production range and increase genetic diversity of lentil (*Lens culinaris* Medik.). *Plants, People, Planet*. 00: 1-11.

agData R Package

An R package with FAO, USDA, STATCAN and ISAAA data

Misleading Graphs

A guide illustrating how to mislead with statistics and graphs

Population Demographics In Canada

Graphs of population demographics in Canada using STATCAN data


An R package for plotting GWAS results from the GAPIT package

Overdose Deaths In British Columbia

Graphs of weekly overdose deaths in British Columbia using BC GOV data

Overdose Deaths In Saskatchewan

Graphs of weekly overdose deaths in Saskatchewan using SK GOV data

GWAS Vignette with gwaspr

A tutorial on running genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in R with GAPIT and gwaspr

Lentil Diversity Panel

A population representing global genetic diversity in cultivated lentil varieties