Derek Michael Wright
Research Scientist

Global Energy Use & Poverty

Graphs of global energy use, CO2 emissions, GDP, and poverty using data from Our World in Data

Pulic vs Private Sector Employment in Canada

Graphs of public vs private sector employment in Canada using STATCAN data

Unemployment in Canada

Graphs of unemployment rates in Canada using STATCAN data


Graphs with gapminder data

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada

Graphs of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada using Government of Canada data

Household Expenditures

Graphs of household expenditure using data from

Canada Business Openings and Closures

Graphs of business openings and closures in Canada using STATCAN data

Fertilizer Emissions In Canada

Graphs of fertilizer emissions in Canada using data from Fertilizer Canada

House Prices in Canada

Graphs of house prices in Canada using STATCAN data

Income in Canada

Graphs of median income in Canada using STATCAN data