Derek Michael Wright
Research Scientist


Graphs with gapminder data

Ag Carbon

Graphs using data from the paper *Contribution of land use practices to GHGs in the Canadian Prairies crop sector*

CO2 vs GDP

An exploration of GDP and CO2 emmisions by country

GDP of Canada

Graphs of GDP among Canadian provinces using STATCAN data

Unemployment in Canada

Graphs of unemployment data in Canada using STATCAN data

CBC Finances

A look at CBC finances - government funding, ad revenue and total profit

Global Poverty

Graphs on poverty reduction using OWID

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Canada

Graphs of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada

Canada Business Openings and Closures

Graphs of business openings and closures in Canada using STATCAN data

Canadian Crude Oil Production & Import

Graphs of crude oil production, import and export using STATCAN data