Derek Michael Wright
Research Scientist

Lentil GWAS Phenology

Derek M Wright, Sandesh Neupane, Jakob Butler, Raul Martinez, Jim Weller, Kirstin E Bett (2020) Focusing the GWAS Lens on days to flower using latent variable phenotypes derived from global multi-environment trials

Lentil Phenology

Wright *et al*. (**2020**) Understanding photothermal interactions can help expand production range and increase genetic diversity of lentil (*Lens culinaris* Medik.). *Plants, People, Planet*. 00: 1-11.

Nepal Lentil Phenology

Neupane *et al*. (**2021**) Strategic Identification of New Genetic Diversity to Expand Lentil (*Lens culinaris* Medik.) Production (Using Nepal as an Example). *Agronomy*. 11(10): 1933.

Genomic Selection in Lentil

Teketel *et al*. (**2020**) Genomic selection for lentil breeding: Empirical evidence. *The Plant Genome*. 13(e20002): 1-15.


An R package for plotting GWAS results from the GAPIT package

GWAS Vignette with gwaspr

A tutorial on running genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in R with GAPIT and gwaspr

Calculating Heritability

A tutorial on how to calculate heritability

Lentil Diversity Panel

A population representing global genetic diversity in cultivated lentil varieties

Correlation Coefficients and Models

A quick explanation of how to properly use correlation coefficients when evaluating models

Lentil Timeline

Lentil Timeline