Derek Michael Wright
Research Scientist

Lentil GWAS Phenology

**Focusing the GWAS *Lens* on days to flower using latent variable phenotypes derived from global multi-environment trials**. *The Plant Genome*. (2022) e20269.

Lentil Phenology

**Understanding photothermal interactions can help expand production range and increase genetic diversity of lentil (*Lens culinaris* Medik.)**. *Plants, People, Planet*. (2020) 00: 1-11.

Nepal Lentil Phenology

**Strategic Identification of New Genetic Diversity to Expand Lentil (*Lens culinaris* Medik.) Production (Using Nepal as an Example)**. *Agronomy*. (2021) 11(10): 1933.

Genomic Selection in Lentil

**Genomic selection for lentil breeding: Empirical evidence**. *The Plant Genome*. (2020) 13(e20002): 1-15.

NUE in Canola

**Influence of heterozygosity on nitrogen use efficiency in hybrid and purebred lines of *Brassica napus* (L.)**. *University of Giessen*. (2015) MSc. Thesis.

P^2^IRC Conference

**Dissecting lentil crop growth across multi-environment trials using unoccupied aerial vehicles**