Derek Michael Wright
Research Scientist


An R package for plotting GWAS results from the GAPIT package

Data Visualization

A vignette illustrating different ways to visualize data

GWAS Vignette with gwaspr

An R tutorial on running genome-wide association studies (GWAS) with GAPIT and gwaspr

Carbon in Prairie Agriculture

A vignette of graphs using data from the paper *Contribution of land use practices to GHGs in the Canadian Prairies crop sector*

Lentil Diversity Panel

A population representing global genetic diversity in cultivated lentil varieties

QTL Tutorial

A tutorial on how to run QTL analyses in R

R Tutorial

An introduction to R

Augmented Field Trial Designs

An R tutorial on augmented field trial designs and how to adjust their values

Correlation Coefficients and Predictive Models

An R tutorial on how to properly use correlation coefficients when evaluating predictive models

Dual y-Axis

An R tutorial on how to create a plots with dual y-axes